Create capture folders from filenames

Additional mapping types

Show shot counts in the mini-shotlist

Enable Capture One write method

Button to reload an already selected CSV file

Metadata mappings received an overhaul to provide future rich data transformations

Metadata errors are now presented to the user

Store the selected CSV as a bookmark

The change means you might need to reselect your CSV.

Array mapping delimiter now saves correctly

Document is no longer marked as unsaved when opening

Layout issue with the image status

Capturebot not longer freezes while writing metadata

CSV datasource now correctly loads the filename matching method

Fixed a crash when there was an error writing metadata.



Added camera and lens metadata

Credits for frameworks used

Fixed an issue where importing a CSV wouldn't allow editing mappings



Image datasource

Import the metadata from other images to map and apply. This is perfect for applying an art directors ratings from JPGs back to the original images. The datasource can be changed from the View menu.

The shotlist indicates whether an image can be written to

The image will be marked with a - when the image matches metadata, but can' be written to.

Help menu now redirects to the online help

Mismatched header detection should be more reliable

The first document after launching will no longer be locked

Changes to datasource settings affect document save state



Drag & Drop

Drag and drop files onto the images view

Save Mappings

Mappings are now saved as documents for easy reuse and sharing

Lock Mappings

Lock rules to prevent editing from the File menu

Open Folders

Open folders of images, and optionally import subfolders as well

Save mapping configurations as documents

Option to silence successful metadata writing dialogue

Shotlist View

View what images in the datasource don't have files and what files don't have metadata

Undo support for mapping changes

Undo and redo changes to mappings with ease

Warning if some images can't be written to by ExifTool

When embedding metadata a warning indicator is shown if the the image format is unsupported.

Write-only mode: limited features for studio workstations

A new free, write-only mode that activates after the trial expires

Better empty screen state

Ensure the datasource has metadata before writing

Metadata mapping order is preserved

Mismatched header detection should be more reliable



Import CSV metadata

Match filenames via predicates

Map Metadata To EXIF Fields

Embed metadata in the file or write an XMP sidecar