Drag & Drop

Drag and drop files onto the images view

Save Mappings

Mappings are now saved as documents for easy reuse and sharing

Lock Mappings

Lock rules to prevent editing from the File menu

Open Folders

Open folders of images, and optionally import subfolders as well

Save mapping configurations as documents

Option to silence successful metadata writing dialogue

Shotlist View

View what images in the datasource don't have files and what files don't have metatadata

Undo support for mapping changes

Undo and redo changes to mappings with ease

Warning if some images can't be written to by ExifTool

When embedding metadata a warning indicator is shown if the the image format is unsupported.

Write-only mode: limited features for studio workstations

A new free, write-only mode that activates after the trial expires

Better empty screen state

Ensure the datasource has metadata before writing

Metadata mapping order is preserved

Mismatched header detection should be more reliable