Comparitor Collections and Validation

Set up a smart album to provide powerful shotlist validation.

Comparitor Collections

The Comparitor Collection is how Capturebot determines not only if something has been shot, but if it’s been shot correctly. All photo shoots have deliverables and those deliverables have requirments. Maybe it’s pixel dimensions, a color tag or rating for selects, image orientation, or certain pieces of metadata.

If your workflow does’t need that level of complexity the Comparitor Collection can be set to any album or folder (the Selects folder, for instance).


Validation works by comparing the number of variants in the Comparitor Collection to the target count for a given shot.

Setting the target count to 0 is a special case. In this case Capturebot ignores the count, and as long as any number of images are in the Comparitor Collection the record will be marked as Shot.