Importing a Shotlist

Use Shortcuts to import records.


Shotlists come is many forms: CSV, PDF, an art director saying “we’re shooting the blue shirt now!” Due to this variety Capturebot doesn’t currently have any built-in shotlist importer and instead offers a URL scheme that allows records to be made from any data source.

By leveraging X-Callback-URLs a digital tech can take any shotlist and import it into Capturebot.

The URL Scheme

In order to create records in a Capturebot document the shot names need to be passed as a comma separated list to the following URL using the query parameter named:


A full request would look like:

capturebot://x-callback-url/makeRecords?named=New Shot A,New Shot B

Your records need to be URL escaped, though most tools will do this for you.

Using Shortcuts

The easiest way to convert an existing shotlist into a URL is to use Shortcuts, which has native support for X-Callback-URL. You can download an example shortcut which uses a list.

In order for the shortcut to run a document needs to already be open in Capturebot.