Shotlist: Airtable

Learn how to set up Capturebot to store records in an Airtable base.


This shotlist pulls it’s records from the table specified table in an Airtable base. In order to use Airtable the table needs to be set up with a few columns.

Capturebot supports partial writing back to Airtable. Currently the status will be updated, but new records can’t be created.

Airtable Base Setup

A table using a formula for the name

A table using a formula for the name

Capturebot pulls three fields from Airtable:


Type: String

When setting up a new table the primary column, which is called Name by default, will be used. This field can be a formula if you want to pull other pieces of information into the file name.


Type: String/ Single Select

Possible Values:

  • Not Shot
  • Shot
  • Complete
  • Dropped

Capturebot will read and write statuses to this field. If the field is empty, Not Shot, or Shot Capturebot will update the status as needed. By setting the value to Complete or Dropped in Airtable Capturebot will not update the value.

Target Count

Type: Integer Number

The target count can be specified on a per-record level by using this field.


The Table Name is the name of the table to use.

The Base ID must be pulled from the API Documentation for the base:

  1. Open the table in Airtable
  2. From the Help menu select API Documentation
  3. The Base ID is part of the URL and begins with app:<base_id>/api/docs

The API Token can be found in your account settings

The Comparitor Collection is the collection Capturebot validates against. Once a shot has the given Target Count number of variants it will be marked as Shot.