Asked and answered

What is Capturebot?

Capturebot is a tool designed by a digital tech for digital techs and photographers to more easily manage their shotlists and focus on shooting.

The goal is to allow a DT to give a DT insight into their shotlist and remote control of Capture One all while getting out of the way as much as possible.

Why not just use a spreadsheet?

Spreadsheets are great, but they’re not a photography tool. Numbers, Excel, Google Sheets, et al. don’t integrate with Capture One. Most of the time a tech is just copying and pasting file names, which is error-prone and tedious.

Why is Capturebot an iOS app?

Using a separate device for the shotlist means that shooting and shotlist managment can be fully asynchronous tasks. This allows, in essence, multiple people to use the computer at once: an art director can edit images down and a tech can set the next capture folder without needing to fight for control of the mouse cursor.

Will there be a Mac version?

Capturebot began life as a Mac app and most likely will return to having a Mac version at some point.