Importing Metadata

Import your metadata

Selecting a Datasource

Capturebot has two different metadata sources: CSVs and images. You can select which datasource to use in View > Datasource from the Menubar.

# CSV Datasource

In order to get metadata that can the mapped a CSV must be imported. There are two ways to import a CSV file.

Using the File Picker

Click the file picker and select "Choose" at the top. From here you can navigate to the CSV file.

Drag & Drop

The easiest way to import a CSV is to drag and drop it onto the file picker.

Image Datasource

The image datasource is lets you map metadata from one set of images to another. This is perfect for applying an art director's ratings from JPGs back to the original RAW images.

In order to import images, simply drag and drop either image files or a folder of images onto the source images placeholder.