Capturebot Lite is a new application from the makers of Capturebot that does one thing, and one thing only: import your shotlist and make capture folders.

No metadata, no shot tracking. Just folders.

Download the latest version and let me know what you think.

Currently you can import CSVs, TSVs, and plain text files. Capturebot will do its best to parse the file and automatically pick the most likely column with filenames. As you change settings your future folders are previewed in real time.

If the automatic parsing needs to be adjusted there are a number of options to control how to read the file:

  • Select which row the headers are on (or if there are headers at all)
  • Choose from a curated list of field and row delimiters
  • Remove quoting from fields
  • Automatically trim whitespace from the data

Once your file is imported, you can also clean up the filenames to better suite your needs:

  • Select the column to use as filenames
  • Replace whitespace and illegal characters
  • Change the text case
  • Pad digits in numbers to keep them consistent

The Plan

I have a number of features planned for future updates, including, but not limited to:

  • Skipping table names from exported spreadsheets (looking at you Google Sheets)
  • Joining columns together to make filenames
  • Custom character replacements
  • Line ending options
  • File encoding options
  • Write metadata from your shotli… wait, no, did that one already